Starting from the electoral defeat of Indira Gandhi after emergency in , the book goes on to narrate about the events and the people behind the sudden fall. 24 AKBAR ROAD. Download PDF 24 Akbar Road. Authored by Kidwai, Rasheed . Released at Filesize: MB. To read the book, you will require Adobe. [PDF] 24 Akbar Road. 24 Akbar Road. Book Review. An exceptional pdf and also the typeface applied was intriguing to read through. It is definitely simplified.

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What started as an interesting book about Congress, its leaders and its history changed into a book which seemed biased towards the ruling family. With difficult . 24 Akbar Road book. Read 23 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. In India's constantly changing political social and economic milieu. 24 Akbar thycofereepa.tk - Ebook download as ePub .epub), Text File .txt) or read book online.


After contesting these elections, the Indian National Congress gained power in eight of them except Bengal, Punjab, and Sindh. The All-India Muslim League failed to form a government in any province.

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In response, Congress helped form the INA Defence Committee , which assembled a legal team to defend the case of the soldiers of the Azad Hind government. In , in the first general election held after Independence, the party swept to power in the national parliament and most state legislatures. It held power nationally until , when it was defeated by the Janata coalition.

It returned to power in and ruled until , when it was once again defeated. The party formed the government in at the head of a coalition, as well as in and , when it led the United Progressive Alliance. During this period the Congress remained centre-left in its social policies while steadily shifting from a socialist to a neoliberal economic outlook.

24 Akbar Road

The party's support was strongest in the Bengali-speaking province of East Pakistan. After the Bangladeshi War of Independence, it became known as the Bangladeshi National Congress , but was dissolved in by the government.

Congress gained power in landslide victories in the general elections of —52, , and The second was by a knife-wielding rickshaw-puller in Maharashtra in There were differences among the top leadership of the Congress regarding the future of the party which makes lot of issues within the party. Kamaraj became the president of the All India Congress Committee in during the last year of Nehru's life.

In the Congress lost popularity following the defeat in the Indo-Chinese war of To revitalize the party, Kamraj proposed the Kamaraj Plan to Nehru that encouraged six Congress chief ministers including himself and six senior cabinet ministers to resign to take up party work.

Indira Gandhi wanted to use a populist agenda in order to mobilize popular support for the party while Kamraj and Desai stood for a more right-wing agenda.

In the aftermath of the Sino-Indian War of , and the formation of military ties between China and Pakistan, Shastri's government expanded the defence budget of India's armed forces.

He also promoted the White Revolution—a national campaign to increase the production and supply of milk by creating the National Dairy Development Board. Some people used to it the Original Congress. Once again, politician K. Kamaraj was instrumental in achieving this result. In , following a poor performance in the general election, Indira Gandhi started moving towards the political left. In mid, she was involved in a dispute with senior party leaders on a number of issues.

The two major issues were Gandhi supporting the independent candidate, V.

Giri , rather than the official Congress party candidate, Neelam Sanjiva Reddy , for the vacant post of the President of India. Gandhi's abrupt nationalization of the 14 biggest banks in India, which resulted in the resignation of the finance minister, Morarji Desai. Later in the year, the Congress party president, S. Nijalingappa , expelled her from the party for indiscipline. Gandhi as a counter-move launched her own faction of the INC. Gandhi's faction, called Congress R , was supported by most of the Congress MPs while the original party had the support of only 65 MPs.

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The "I" in the name of congress stood for Indira. It soon came to be known as the New Congress. After the separation of the two parties, there was also a dispute about the party logo. The "Old Congress" retained the party symbol of a pair of bullocks carrying a yoke while Indira's breakaway faction were given a new symbol of a cow with suckling calf by the Election Commission as the party election symbol.

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The split occurred when, in , a united opposition under the banner of Samyukt Vidhayak Dal , won control over several states in the Hindi Belt. The New Congress Party's popular support began to wane in the mids.

From , Gandhi's government grew increasingly more authoritarian and unrest among the opposition grew. On 12 June , the High Court of Allahabad declared Indira Gandhi's election to the Lok Sabha , the lower house of India's parliament, void on the grounds of electoral malpractice.

She moved to restore order by ordering the arrest of most of the opposition participating in the unrest. In response to increasing disorder and lawlessness, Gandhi's cabinet and government recommended that President Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed declare a State of Emergency , which he did on 25 June based on the provisions of Article of the Constitution. Gandhi lost her seat to her Janata opponent Raj Narain. During the next year, her new party attracted enough members of the legislature to become the official opposition.

Kidwai December 18, Political knives that should not cut the supply chain". Business Standard.

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Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 28 March , at The All-India Muslim League failed to form a government in any province. Narasimha Rao , who was elected prime minister in June Normally, a political party is known for its commitment to specific economic social and political issues, but in the case of the Congress, 'ideol In India's constantly changing political social and economic milieu, the Congress party has stayed one step ahead by constantly reinventing itself to stay in touch with people's aspirations and the political realities of the day.

I did not understand what he really meant but after reading this book, his statement makes sense. Yet, for those who are regular political junkies with keen interest I must say the book is a let down.